Who Are We?

Jessica Kalman is a professional photographer based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Photography has been a huge passion of hers since she can remember. Her inspiration comes from her grandfather who was a hugely successful photographer. As a young teenager, Jessica would take photos of flowers, her pets and portraits of anyone who would let her take their photo. After experimenting with Lightroom, Jessica found a love for black and white photography. Black and white photography allowed her to see how classic the photos feel. Feeling turned into a huge part of her photography. Currently, Jessica specializes in portraiture and family photography.

Melissa Falconer is a professional self-taught visual artist specializing in portraiture and pop art. Her style is a unique mix of bold shapes and colours often compared to the work of Andy Warhol. Art is her passion, and she paints because it’s what she loves to do. Her art represents her freedom. Her pieces are heavily based in black culture and pop culture because she likes to express how she sees the world.

Together they form Jess and Mel. Combining the art of painting and photography, Jess and Mel create unique mixed media pieces by painting directly onto photo canvas. Jessica’s powerful black and white photos contrasted by Melissa’s use of colour are striking and intriguing. Inspired by their community, nature, and people, Jess and Mel use their art to create stories and unique think pieces.